Statement on Justice Department Demands on Dreamhost
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Statement on Justice Department Demands on Dreamhost

On August 15, 2017, May First/People Link issued the following statement: The demand by the U.S. Department of Justice on Dreamhost, the Internet service provider, represents an outrageous escalation in the government’s recent history of violation of citizens’ rights and should draw a militant and resolute response of resistance. Dreamhost announced this week that the Justice Department is demanding that it turn over the IP addresses of all visitors to a website – -- used to organize protests at Donald Trump’s Presidential inauguration.

Join May First at Netroots Nation! On Net Neutrality

May First/People Link at Netroots Nation August 10 - 13 Hyatt Regency Atlanta on Peachtree Street Register: Our workshop: Net Neutrality and the Fight to Regain It The Net Neutrality leadership in a conversation with you about where we are now. The FCC decision on Net Neutrality. made possible a huge, community-based movement led by a coalition made up largely of people of color, helped guarantee the independence and fairness of our most important communications resource.

Join Us! Technology and Revolution at AMC June 16!

If you’re going to the Allied Media Conference in Detroit MI (June 15-18) Join us at a Technology and Revolution Convergence: Beyond Security: Technology and Revolution! Friday June 16, 2017 4:00pm - 5:30pm State Hall: Room 111 Here’s the direct link: revo… And the event website (to register): The description: Technology and Revolution convergences have been examining the present and visioning the future through the prism of technology and the struggle to gain control of it.

Technology and Revolution at the 2017 Left Forum!

May First/People Link invites you to join us for two important events at this year’s Left Forum! Friday, June 2 at 5:00 pm – Kickoff panel Stepping into the Future: Technology and Revolution Technology is at the center of political struggle today. Used by our movements and by the ruling class, it has brought us to unprecedented stages of development. It could be used to create a highly repressive and controlled society – as our government envisions it – or it could be used to literally create the society movement people imagine.

Call for the 2017 Technology and Revolution Convergences

A Call to Convergences on Technology and Revolution The problems the human race faces pose the greatest threat to its existence in history. If we can use the technology we have appropriately, plan and develop it intelligently and control it democratically, we can solve those problems. Now what? Technology and Revolution The threat we face is enormous. The response to it has been over-whelming. The need for fundamental social change is unquestionable.

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2017-01-18: Tech and Revolution MF/PL wide meeting


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