Join Us! Technology and Revolution at AMC June 16!
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Join Us! Technology and Revolution at AMC June 16!

If you’re going to the Allied Media Conference in Detroit MI (June 15-18) Join us at a Technology and Revolution Convergence: Beyond Security: Technology and Revolution! Friday June 16, 2017 4:00pm - 5:30pm State Hall: Room 111 Here’s the direct link: revo… And the event website (to register): The description: Technology and Revolution convergences have been examining the present and visioning the future through the prism of technology and the struggle to gain control of it.

Technology and Revolution at the 2017 Left Forum!

May First/People Link invites you to join us for two important events at this year’s Left Forum! Friday, June 2 at 5:00 pm – Kickoff panel Stepping into the Future: Technology and Revolution Technology is at the center of political struggle today. Used by our movements and by the ruling class, it has brought us to unprecedented stages of development. It could be used to create a highly repressive and controlled society – as our government envisions it – or it could be used to literally create the society movement people imagine.

Call for the 2017 Technology and Revolution Convergences

A Call to Convergences on Technology and Revolution The problems the human race faces pose the greatest threat to its existence in history. If we can use the technology we have appropriately, plan and develop it intelligently and control it democratically, we can solve those problems. Now what? Technology and Revolution The threat we face is enormous. The response to it has been over-whelming. The need for fundamental social change is unquestionable.

21st Century COINTELPRO--FBI Surveillance Then and Now - How to Protect Ourselves

Hold this date and event! 21st Century COINTELPRO–FBI Surveillance Then and Now - How to Protect Ourselves Monday, December 12th at 12pm PACIFIC / 1pm MOUNTAIN / 2pm CENTRAL / 3pm EASTERN You don’t want to miss this on-line presentation. Let us explain why. You’re getting a lot of email describing the tough times we’re facing. And it’s true…we’re heading for some very difficult and dangerous times. We need to be ready to resist and push back…paticulary in the area of communications and our right to use communications technology.

2016 Membership Meeting most successful in our history

This membership meeting was the most successful in our history. At last count, 115 members registered for it and we counted about 80 participating in both places. Thank you for your continuing support or and involvement in May First’s work. The following new Leadership Committee members were elected: Jimeno Montiel Edgar Fredy Micky Metts Melanie E L Bush The following members were re-elected to a new term: Juan Gerardo Dominguez Carrasco Alfredo Lopez All proposed structure proposals have passed.

Member News

Portside (2017-06-23): 75 Years for Protesting in Black?
Portside (2017-06-23): Cuban Foreign Minister Responds to Trump Announcement - Cuba Will Not Make Concessions Essential to its Sovereignty and Independence, Nor Will it Negotiate its Principles or Accept Conditions
Portside (2017-06-23): The Sense of Art: In Memoriam John Berger
Portside (2017-06-23): Tidbits - June 22, 2017 - Reader Comments: GOP's Secret Health Bill; Verdicts Protect Cops Who Kill; Trump Investigation - Follow the Money; Progressive Electoral Politics, People's Summit, Socialists; On the United Front; Gig Work; and more...
Portside (2017-06-23): 75 Years for Protesting in Black?
Portside (2017-06-23): How Can Democrats Win - Who is the Base; Problem of Working Class White Voters; Building a Winning Coalition; Learning Lesson from Ossoff Defeat
Portside (2017-06-23): Campaign Against Colin Kaepernick - Because of His Politics
Portside (2017-06-23): Brazil: Workers’ Rights Under Threat From Government Reforms
leili (2017-06-22): UK Government Defeated in Court by BDS Activists for Palestinian Human Rights
washington (2017-06-22): New War Memorial in London Ends Historic Omission of Heroic Contributions
maren (2017-06-22): Sumud Freedom Camp - our steadfastness continues
Portside (2017-06-22): A Great Vision
Portside (2017-06-22): A Great Vision
leili (2017-06-22): Largest Israeli Public Transportation Company Loses Netherlands Contract Worth 190 Million Euros Following Campaign by BDS Activists for Palestinian Rights
leili (2017-06-22): Why We Should Boycott Gay Pride in Tel Aviv
leili (2017-06-22): For Palestinians, the 1967 War Remains an Enduring, Painful Wound
leili (2017-06-20): BNC Welcomes Call by Christian Organizations Urging the World Council of Churches to Support the BDS Movement for Palestinian Human Rights
(2017-06-19): Guns and Religion in a Small Town on Memorial Day
michael (2017-06-19): Sign-Up for #BoycottTomorrowland Thunderclap
maren (2017-06-19): November 9 - Global Day of Action: A World without Walls
glindorff (2017-06-17): We, the birds in the field
leili (2017-06-16): Israel Fails to Impose Virtual Walls Restricting Advocacy for Palestinian Rights in Europe
pacbi (2017-06-16): Israel's 'Ethics Code' to Formally Suppress Academic Freedom, Palestinians Urge Intensifying BDS
michael (2017-06-16): Join us in telling Radiohead not to entertain apartheid Israel
Quinn Hungeski (2017-06-15): Ohioans to Finish Job, Slay Congressional Gerrymanders
lindorff (2017-06-09): Socialist Labour Party Candidate Jeremy Corbyn Closes 20% Poll Gap to Deny Tories a Parliament Majority
pedro (2017-06-09): Súmate al Día de Acción #StopCemex - 9 de julio
Hans-Christoph Steiner (2017-06-08): Tracking usage without tracking people
lindorff (2017-06-07): Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May Neck-and-Neck in Final Stretch of UK Election
Quinn Hungeski (2017-06-06): GOP Whacking Internet Freedom

Upcoming Events

2017-01-18: Tech and Revolution MF/PL wide meeting


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