MF/PL Members Meeting -- Nov. 11 and 12, 2016
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MF/PL Members Meeting -- Nov. 11 and 12, 2016

The Leadership Committee of May First/People Link convenes our members for the yearly Membership Meeting The official meeting proceedings, including submission of documents and nominations to the Leadership Committee, will begin in October. The meeting itself will take place this year in Brooklyn, NYC at The Dedalus Foundation (in Industry City, Sunset Park) 254 36th St. Suite 2BE Brooklyn, NY 11232 The schedule of the meeting itself: November 11, 2016 Training and Presentation Day (workshops and presentations) November 12, 2016 Panel – “Technology and Revolution” Panelists: Richard Wolf, Laura Flanders, Ashley Abbott, Jerome Scott and others to be announced Deliberations on Program of Work for the coming year, changes to official documents and final nominations to Leadership Committee Registration, rules and other on-line forms will be available the first week of October.

May First, Yes Men and "Becky Boop" Ask Supreme Court to Hear DMCA Case

May First/People Link has joined the Yes Men and Internet news commentator Rebecca (“Becky Boop”) Prince in an Amicus Brief fighting corporate control over Internet content that was submitted to the Supreme Court today. The case began when Universal Music Publishing Group forced the removal of a video of a dancing girl (posted by her mother) using the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) simply because music playing in the background was under their copyright ownership.

May First/People Link at the World Social Forum

Please join May First/People Link at both the World Forum of Free Media and the World Social Forum in Montreal August 5th through August 14th. See below for a list of workshops organized by MF/PL and MF/PL members. World Forum of Free Media Events Monday, Aug 8 Indymedia Africa Convergence project and cross border organizing in Sub-Saharan (Indymedia Africa Working Group): 10h45m - 12h30m, Leacock 26 Indymedia Strategy Session #1: Indymedia in the age of Corporate Social Media (Indymedia): 15h30 - 16h45, Arts W-120 Tuesday, Aug 9 Free media challenges in the multi-platform & digital environment (Association for Progressive Communications): 9hm00 - 10h30, Leacock 26 Indymedia Strategy Session #2: Learning from Successful IMCs: an assessment of where we are at with the network, engaging as may active collectives as possible (Indymedia): 10h45 - 12h30, Arts 145 Beyond Copy Left: Equity and Reciprocity while sharing our Creations (Rosa Luxemburg): 10h45m - 12h30m, Arts W-20 Conversation with Hamid Khan (remote) on impact of Surveillance on our movements (May First): Lunchtime, Room W-5 Share your creativity through MediaGoblin (Rosa Luxemburg): 13m45h - 15h15m, Arts W-5 Wednesday, Aug 10 Video distribution in the era of Facebook (Indymedia): 14h - 15h45m, Ferrier 230 Indymedia Strategy Session #3: Reflecting on Indymedia Principles, Process and Practices: a review of past successes/problems with the network (Indymedia): 15h30m - 16h45m, Ferrier 230 Thursday, Aug 11 Indymedia Strategy Session #4: A Way Forward (Indymedia): 15h30 - 16h45, Ferrier 230 _Friday, Aug 12 _ Strategy Session #5: Crossborder Dialogue on Women, IMC & Struggles (Indymedia): 9h00 - 11h30m, Arts W-5 World Social Forum Wednesday, Aug 10 The securitisation of cyberspace and the impact on human rights (Association for Progressive Communications): 9h - 10h30m, Pavillon Bronfman (Local OO1) Thursday, Aug 11 Group collaboration with ownCloud (Rosa Luxemburg): 13h00 - 15h30m, Pavillon des Arts (Local W5) Friday, Aug 12 Another internet is possible: Meet progressive ISPs around the world (Rosa Luxemburg): 09h00m - 11h30m, Pavillon des Arts (Local W220) Mexcla: Bilingual on-line communication assisted by an interpreter (Rosa Luxemburg): 13h00 - 15h30m, Pavillon des Arts (Local W220) Privacy, Surveillance and Secure Internet Access: Planning the Fight (May First): 13h00 - 15h30m, Pavillon des Arts (Local W20) Please print out the flyer!

Local Surveillance Workshop Audio Available

There’s a full audio of the July 12 on-line workshop on Local Surveillance; its impact and how we oppose it. It was an excellent workshop that can serve as a discussion starter and educational tool and we encourage you to listen and distribute the audio of it as much as possible. Tags: callout

Statement on the Recent Attacks on Black Lives Matter's Website

July 11, 2016 For immediate release Statement on the Recent Attacks on Black Lives Matter’s Website from Black Lives Matter,, Design Action Collective and May First/People Link The official Black Lives Matter website - - has experienced a massive denial of service attack starting this past weekend and continuing at this time. The site remains functional due largely to the protections provided by Deflect (, a program made available by (

Member News

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lindorff (2016-09-30): Sioux Activists and Backers Prepare for Cold Winter of Resistance at Standing Rock ND
lindorff (2016-09-29): US Propaganda Campaign to Demonize Russia in Full Gear over One-Sided Dutch/Aussie Report on Flight 17 Downing
maren (2016-09-29): Belgium students against LAW TRAIN: Professors, don’t wipe your feet on Palestinian human rights!
maren (2016-09-27): Palestinian Youth Forum meets in Ramallah
Quinn Hungeski (2016-09-26): 36 Years Down the Republican Rabbit Hole
lindorff (2016-09-25): The Key Thing about the Latest Police Killing in Charlotte, NC is that It Was Totally Gratuitous
n8fr8 (2016-09-25): Orfox 1.2: An Overdue Update to Our Privacy-Focused Browser!
glindorff (2016-09-24): Viva fuerte
lindorff (2016-09-22): Native American journalist Levi Rickert Discusses the Largest Political Action by Indigenous Americans since Wounded Knee in 1973
maren (2016-09-22): Spanish cities free themselves of Israeli Apartheid
maren (2016-09-22): New wave of violence in the West Bank - 7 Palestinians killed by the IDF in 5 days
lindorff (2016-09-20): We Should All Start 'Taking Responsibility' for our Transgressions
washington (2016-09-18): Don-The-Con's Record of Discrimination Undermines His Outreach to Blacks
glindorff (2016-09-17): We can be forgiven
grant (2016-09-13): Digging Up Truth With a Teaspoon
washington (2016-09-11): These 9/11 Heroes Fought Against Terrorism a Century Before 2001
maren (2016-09-09): European groups urge EU to end support to Israeli water conference
MFPL Service Advisory (2016-09-07): ownCloud upgrade
MFPL Service Advisory (2016-09-06): wiwa maintenance to install solid state drives (3rd attempt)
maren (2016-09-01): Palestinian call to Italy: Don't support Israeli WATEC

Upcoming Events

2016-11-16: State of the Black World Conference


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