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May First/People Link is a politically progressive member-run and controlled organization that redefines the concept of "Internet Service Provider" in a collective and collaborative way. May First/People Link's members are organizers and activists. Like any democratic membership organization, we gather together each year to evaluate the past year's experiences, plan the coming year's work and elect a Leadership Committee to apply what we've decided. Like a coop, we pay dues, buy equipment and then we all use that equipment as we need to for websites, email, email lists, and just about everything else we do on the Internet. Learn more about us, our politics, membership, or read some of our member profiles below. If you like what you see, please join us.

"Stop the Wall" is a grassroots movement uniting the struggle of the popular committees in the villages, refugee camps, and cities struggling against the Wall and settlements and the...
We first heard about Tad years ago in the context of txtmob - software that allows organizers to send out text (SMS) messages to groups of people via their cell phones.
A historic NYC union that is still providing strong leadership in the fight for workers rights!

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