Membership Meeting 2017: Friday December 1 and December 2
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The Survey Results are in

Thanks to everyone who filled out our membership survey! For anyone who wants to see the raw results, please follow this link. Following is a brief summary on the results. What are the three most critical software or software services that you use on a regular basis for your organizing work? Email (24%) and web sites (16%) dominated the results, with collaborative editing software (10%), instant messaging (9%), video conferencing (9%) and social networks (9%) coming in next.

Technology and Revolution: ThoughtWorks, Monday, November 13

Please join May First/People Link, the Progressive Technology Project and ThoughtWorks at the Thoughtworks Manhattan office on Monday, November 13 from 6 to 9:00 pm for a Progressive Tech Salon (99 Madison Ave, 15th Floor, New York). Tools have an important role in our movement - and our role as techies in figuring out the design and training components is critical. However, we also need to think as organizers, and begin addressing the bigger role technology plays in shaping both society and our movements.

Membership Meeting 2017: Friday December 1 and December 2

Please see our Membership Meeting page for details on how to participate from Brooklyn, Mexico City or remotely. Tags: callout

Two Upcoming Technology and Revolution Sessions in NYC and LA!

We will be at two upcoming events doing Technology and Revolution convergences. This Friday, October 20, May First will facilitate a Technology and Revolution session at the Radical Networks Conference running through October 19 to 22 in Brooklyn NY at Chem Creative 315 Ten Eyck St Brooklyn, NY 11206 Our workshop is at 5:10 pm and Alfredo Lopez is leading it. On the other Coast, the Left Coast Forum (a new addition to the array of Left Forum activities) is taking place in Los Angeles Nov.

May First German member faces crack-down

For Immediate Release Contact: Alfredo Lopez The German government has effectively outlawed the linksunten Indymedia Center, a joint member of Tachanka! and May First/People Link, in the most serious police state action we have seen in recent years. The attack began two weeks ago with raids (involving of money and equipment) at autonomous KTS Center (which the government is alleging is a linksunten “base”) and several private homes to seize equipment and money belonging to alleged linksunten members.

Member News

pacbi (2017-11-21): Artists respond to Nick Cave’s comments
leili (2017-11-21): India Scraps $500M Military Deal With Israel Amid Rising Popular Concern About India’s Complicity in Israeli Crimes
Portside (2017-11-21): Judging Janus: The Money Machine Behind the Attacks on Labor
Portside (2017-11-21): From America With Love
Portside (2017-11-21): The Public Bank Option – Safer, Local and Half the Cost
Portside (2017-11-21): Lessons on the Anniversary of the Greensboro Massacre
Portside (2017-11-21): Latina Workers Have to Work 10 Months Into 2017 to Be Paid the Same as White Non-Hispanic Men in 2016
Portside (2017-11-21): The Sad, Sexist Past of Bengali Cuisine
Portside (2017-11-21): Open Letter to President Duterte from Farmers of Northern Samar
lindorff (2017-11-20): 'Manufacturing Consent' Co-Author and Media Critic Ed Herman Dead at 92
maren (2017-11-20): Factsheet: Stop Indo-Israeli military ties
Portside (2017-11-20): Hari Kondabolu’s New Doc Shows How the Racist Apu Character on 'The Simpsons' Still Haunts Desi America
Portside (2017-11-20): Off-Year Election Takeaways for Money in Politics
Portside (2017-11-20): When Carl Sagan Warned the World About Nuclear Winter
lindorff (2017-11-15): No President Should Have the Authority to Launch Nuclear Weapons
washington (2017-11-15): Meek Moment Triggers Demands for Justice Reform
Quinn Hungeski (2017-11-15): The House Serfdom Caucus
glindorff (2017-11-13): We'll make it, a little worse for wear
maren (2017-11-13): 'Wall of Shame' in the Maré (Brazil): Apartheid in a so-called democratic country
maren (2017-11-10): Stop the Wall statement for November 9: A global march for a World without Walls
washington (2017-11-09): General Kelly - Historically Ignorant or Hysterically Bigoted?
maren (2017-11-09): List of Nov9 #WorldwithoutWall actions
maren (2017-11-09): IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Global Actions on November 9 for a #WorldwithoutWalls
lindorff (2017-11-08): Drugged: The Military's Pill Problem
lindorff (2017-11-06): The Attack on 'Fake News' is Really an Attack on Alternative Media
maren (2017-11-05): International Caravan on its way towards People's Unity and a World without Walls
maren (2017-11-05): Palestinians under occupation protest the Balfour Declaration
grant (2017-11-04): "I Made A Horrible Mistake"
grant (2017-11-02): Hollywood, War Trauma and the Rule of Money
leili (2017-11-02): Balfour Declaration Turns 100: Together We Can End its Legacy of Dispossessing Palestinians

Upcoming Events

2017-12-01: Membership Meeting


May First/People Link offers two different webmail programs. You will always see the same email regarless of which program you use. Roundcube has a friendly and simple iterface, making it the easier of the two programs to use. Horde, on the other hand, offers more than just email - you can share calendars, to do lists and more with other members of your group. Feel free to try both and decide which one makes sense for you.