The Expanded Strategy Team of 2019

Please join us for a focused set of 8 weekly meetings in February and March to hammer out a workplan for becoming a coop and expanding our organization. You do not have to attend all 8 meetings, but are expected to attend at least half of them.

All meetings will be held on Wednesdays from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm Eastern time (America/New_York) via mumble. Simultaneous interpretation in Spanish and English will be provided.

The meetings will take place starting on January 30 and run every week through March 20.

Every member who is interested should register your email to receive meeting reminders. Notes and discussion will take place publicly via our discussion boards.


After 8 weeks of deliberation, the expanded strategy team will produce concrete proposals for how the organization can implement the two proposals.


The full agendas will be set as we go and posted below.

  • January 30: Introductions, Goals and process
  • February 6: Unifying the Movement Building and Service provision poles (read primer)
  • February 13: Evaluating US/Mexico strategy (read primer)
  • February 20: Discuss major issues around forming a coop (read legal review)
  • February 27: Discuss proposals for growing the organization (read proposal)
  • March 6: Review drafts of coop and growing the organization plans
  • March 13: Review drafts of coop and growing the organization plans
  • March 20: Finalize coop and growing the organization plans


During the 2018 Membership Meeting, two proposals were overwhelming passed by the membership:

Based on feedback during our two membership meeting discussions in December, Leadership Committee voted to address both proposals together, in a single body.